Three Common Misconceptions About Boat Covers That You Should Know About

A boat cover is a relatively simple item, but that simple item can make or break your boats very existence. Boating is not the least expensive leisure; and many of us fanatics go to great lengths to get the very best experience for our time and our dollar. Unfortunately for many the realization of what truly makes a good cover functional comes only after a cheap cover fails on them. so here is a short list of common misconceptions and an explanation of what you should be looking for when you shop for your next cover. 

1. As long as the boat is covered it will be fine.

WRONG! A good cover has to be tailor fit to the exact boat.
If the cover is not tight and engineered to taper down towards the outside edges of the boat, water and debris will pool and end up in the boat. Then the rot and mold sets in. This is easier said than done. Tying down a universal cover is an expensive mistake that we see year after year. In fact we have been seeing this mistake consistently for more than 30 years.

 2. Boat covers should be water tight.

NO. Boat covers need to be able to breath moister out but not let it back in. This is accomplished using several built in features that collectively and actively dry the interior. Even amongst custom boat cover shops this is something that sets the good shops apart from the bad ones. Many shops will leave the engineering up to an employee that knows how to stitch some canvas together, but has no concept of how the cover needs to perform in the real world. Our covers are all engineered by experienced and competent designers. 

3. Canvas all looks the same; I'll just choose the thickest I can find.

FACT: Your choice in canvas will determine if your cover lasts for a decade or a single season. We use Sunbrella Brand canvas that is warranted for 10 years. The leading cause of boat cover death (after a poor fit) is sun exposure. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to canvas, but the vast majority of marine canvas on the market is not manufactured to resist the sun.

In the end you want to find a cover that performs for the dollar, but you don't want to be the guy that saves $200 and ruins a $30,000 boat.


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